Dedicated servers

Servers Dedicated in Spain

Solution for those companies and professionals who need a physical servant for their applications.

We work with dedicated servers of high quality with the possible most competitive prices. We offer total as much scalability in outsourcing as in housing, reason by which we presented one of the dedicated supplies of hosting in more outstanding Spain.

Our servers and infrastructures are in a datacenter located in Barcelona, Spain, in a specialized technical building, with all the availability and safety measures of provisions. We have one of the best networks and unlimited hosting plans of national and international connectivity, reasons that guarantee the quality benefits and the reach that can offer these dedicated servers to him.

Characteristics of hosting dedicated to XXL BASE, XXL PRO and XXL EXTRA
XXL Base XXL Pro XXL Extra
Processor 2 xs the 4 Cores Intel Xeon E5620 or superior 2 xs the 6 Cores Intel Xeon E5645 or superior 2 xs the 10 Cores Intel Xeon E5-2630v4 or superior
Ram memory 96 GB RAM 128 GB RAM 192 GB RAM
Transference 1 TV 1,5 TV 2 TV
Contract permanence - - -
Delivery Immediate Immediate According to availability
SLA guarantee To see To see To see
Support 24x7x365
Grta. Spare part of HW
Own applications
Access root to the servant
Total scalability
Extensions To see To see To see

Discharge              Quota Discharge              Quota Discharge              Quota
Monthly payment 250‚¬              395‚¬ 250‚¬              495‚¬ 495‚¬              895‚¬
Quarterly payment 0‚¬              1185‚¬ 0‚¬              1485‚¬ 0‚¬              2685‚¬
Semester payment 0‚¬              2370‚¬ 0‚¬              2970‚¬ 0‚¬              5370‚¬
Annual payment 0‚¬              3950‚¬ 0‚¬              4950‚¬ 0‚¬              8950‚¬
To contract To contract To contract

D-PadNetwork is in charge completely of the maintenance of hardware and the network. All our best cheap dedicated server are guaranteed by means of SLA Guarantee during the duration of the contract.

Not only we offer the lodging to him of servers dedicated of quality in Spain, but also a series of layers of services and tools as the Administration and Monitoring of servers, with the maximum technical quality on watch and of support, as much in outsourcing as in housing.

He always trusts and he enjoys the reliability of a service of high quality in servers dedicated in Spain.

He stops looking for other solutions in dedicated servers and says yes to D-PadNetwork.

Solutions to its measurement with the highest benefits

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