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Services of infrastructure for Companies

Space in Racks

It has his own physical space in Racks:

Possibility of use of 1/4, 1/2 or several racks.
Redireccionamiento de IP's
Suministrio SAI
Volume of guaranteed network
Permanent access 24x7
Possibility of remote Hands and Systems management

Services of Network

Allocation of volume guaranteed or monthly transference according to its needs.
Allocation of ranks of IP's:

- Allocation of Subred of 32, public 64 or 128 IP's to its name.

- Possibility of enrutar PI towards its own infrastructure.

- Definition of action for the continuous improvement of the service.

Cloud Hosting

The lodging in Cloud allows the access him to limitless, efficient, flexible, customized, optimized, escalables resources and with costs 100% fit to its needs at every moment. We work with infrastructures of the high range and last generation, with disk storage SAS or SATA II (to its election).

Flexible configuration of its Cloud architecture with the characteristics that needs; in Public Cloud, Deprived or Hybrid.
Fast and agile extensions, at any time.
Equipment of the High range.
Plesk license, of 10, 100 or limitless domains.
Backup, Antispam and Antivirus
Support 24x7x365
Systems management

Dedicated servers

We work with Dedicated Servers of high quality with the possible most competitive prices. Our servers and infrastructures are in a datacenter located in a specialized technical building, with all the availability and safety measures of provisions.

D-PadNetwork adapts to its needs, not the other way around:

Equipment of the High range.
Personalisation and total scalability.
Own applications.
S.O. CentOS, Debian, SUSE, RedHat Ent., Others€¦
Plesk licenses, of 10, 100 or limitless domains.
Backup, Antispam and Antivirus.
Support 24x7x365
Administration and Monitoring of systems

Dedicated servers


We offer a proactive and reactive service, with periodic meetings on its services (for Clients with SAS contract).

Global evaluation of the service.
Analysis of future risks and evaluation of the aspects critics of the service.
Definition of action for the continuous improvement of the service.

Integrations & Migrations

We advised and we attended so much to him in integration as in migration of architectures and platforms.

Study and valuation towards the externalisation of its own infrastructure or datacenter.
Reduction of costs and optimization of the service.
Integration of services with third parties.

Balance of load

Following its needs, the service balances between several servers, Frontend calls, following different criteria from load distribution, so that everything even continues working in case of failure of some of its servers.

In this type of configurations they are obtained near the 100% of high availability.

Systems management

D-PadNetwork offers the possibility of externalizar the administration and management of its infrastructure IT, or a part of her, delegating these so important functions into the hands of our team of experts.

Basic administration
Administration Outpost

To see Details

Monitoring of systems

A series of active services of monitoring that detect any incidence happened in their systems, which are verified every few minutes from the networks of D-PadNetwork.

Basic monitoring
Monitoring Outpost

To see Details

SLA guarantee

Each project has its own guarantees of level on watch.

Hardware SLA.
Connectivity SLA.
SLA of minimum reaction time.

Following the criticality of the service they are possible to be gotten to sign different guarantees following his needs.

It consults the details of our standard SLA Guarantee.

Customized support 24x7x365

Exclusive allocation of a technician to its service. The client always deals with the same technician.

In addition they assign to the client a telephone of contact and an exclusive direction of email of the department.

Of this form we were able to offer a totally customized service and our technicians perfectly know the incidences and configurations the servers who are to their position.

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