Extensions in Dedicated Servers

 Dedicated servers/Extensions


Services available for extension of Dedicated Servers.

Monthly transference

Pre-contract 500 GB 40 ‚¬/mes
Pre-contract 1 TV 75 ‚¬/mes
Guaranteed volume To consult
By each GB that exceeds the contract ‚¬ by GB will invoice to extra 0.5

Extension of RAM

+2 GB Ram Memory 20 ‚¬/mes
+4 GB Ram Memory 30 ‚¬/mes
+ RAM To consult

Disc extension

+500 GB SATA 25 ‚¬/mes
+1 TV SATA 50 ‚¬/mes
+ Disco To consult
Discs SAS To consult


Firewall To consult


Bandwidth To consult

Licenses of Operating system

Windows 2003 Web Edition/2000 Server 20 ‚¬/mes
Windows 2003 Server Standard Ed 30 ‚¬/mes
Red Hat Enterprise IS 39 ‚¬/mes
Others To consult

Licenses Control Panel

Plesk - 10 domains 9 ‚¬/mes
Plesk - 100 domains 25 ‚¬/mes
Plesk - ilimitamos domains: 35 ‚¬/mes
Plesk Power Pack 15 ‚¬/mes
CPANEL - limitless domains 35 ‚¬/mes

Antispam footbridge

To see details of the Antispam service
1 domain 30 ‚¬/año
Up to 5 domains 10 ‚¬/mes | 100 ‚¬/año
Up to 10 domains 15 ‚¬/mes | 150 ‚¬/año
Up to 100 domains 100 ‚¬/mes | 980 ‚¬/año
More than 100 domains To consult

Manos Remotas

It is possible to contract service of remote hands according to the required needs.

Workable remote hands:

The included hour strip of Monday through Friday enters the 10:00 in the morning 20:00 in the afternoon and will have a 45 cost of ‚¬/hora.

Nonworkable remote hands:

The included hour strip outside the labor schedule and will have a 75 cost of ‚¬/hora.

One will invoice in fractions of 1 hour.

Installation of applications required by the client:

Due to the variety of applications that could consider, the installation and administration of each application will be budgeted separately in each case, based on the hours required for each process.

Remote console

With this service it will be remotely connected the servant and it will see exactly what happens by screen. Also it allows the service of resumption of the servant, is made managing the power supply via Web.

The cost of this service is of 25 ‚¬/mes.

If it has some doubt or it consults does not doubt in contacting with us, we will be enchanted to take care of to him.

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