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In D-PadNetwork we offer a Panel so that the clients can at any moment control and manage any aspect of their lodging Web, is the Control Panel Plesk.

From him, it will be able to handle of independent form services as the mail, access FTP or the data bases between many others of simple and intuitive way. In addition, always it will count on the support of our equipment of specialized technicians to help him at any time that it needs it.


From the following section it will be able to create, to modify or to eliminate accounts of electronic mail without depending of which nobody by you does it. It will have absolute control on his accounts of mail.

Plesk mail


It needs to accede to the archives of his Web through FTP? From it will be able here to manage his users FTP as well as the creation or elimination of additional users.

FTP Plesk


In this section it will be able to create data bases associated to his Web. If it wishes to mount a site in Wordpress, There is no problem! It will be able to create the data bases here necessary to do that its Wordpress website works perfectly.

Data bases Plesk


It will at any moment have the help and advising of our equipment of technicians specialized in Plesk. Any doubt or problem that arises to him can consult to us without no kind of problem and we will be enchanted of being able to help and to solve all doubts him.

In order to open a consultation it can call us to 93 232 22 00 or can use the form that there is next:

Plesk support

Your consultation has been sent!

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