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Hosting extensions

It can contract additional services without needing acojer to a plan superior. The hiring of each €œextension€ is only valid for each contracted package.

Pre-contract Disc Space

Block of 2GB space 2 ‚¬/mes
Block of 4GB space 4 ‚¬/mes
Block of 10GB space 10 ‚¬/mes
Block of 20GB space 20 ‚¬/mes

Monthly transference

Package 5 Extra Gb 3‚¬ /mes
Package 10 Gb Extra 5 ‚¬/mes
Package 20 Gb Extra 10 ‚¬/mes
Package 50 Gb Extra 25 ‚¬/mes

Certificates SSL

We have agreements with the main organizations certifiers, if it wishes to add a Certificate SSL to certify that its Web fulfills the privacy requirements and security does not doubt in visiting our Certificate section SSL.

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