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The Plan Mail allows him to have the email address who wishes under her own domain. It manages his mail by means of any client of conventional mail, or online (webmail) from any connected computer to Internet.

Up to 2 months free

We gave 2 months free to him more if contract his plan annually.


We have simplified it: same prices in Linux and Windows.

16 ‚¬/semestre (2.7 ‚¬/mes)

30 ‚¬/año (2.5 ‚¬/mes)

To contract

Characteristics of the plan of Mail

5 accounts of mail.
Flexible allocation of the quotas of the mailboxes.
5 autorrespondedores.
5 redirections.
5 alias of mail.
Servant POP3/IMAP4/SMTP.
Webmail access.

Including in its plan of mail:

Control Panel: Plesk.
Servant POP3.
Servant IMAP4.
Servant smtp.
Antispam service.
Service Anti-virus.

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