SLA guarantee

 Dedicated servers/SLA Guarantee

SLA guarantee in Dedicated Servers

In case the following guarantees are not adapted totally to their needs we can offer other solutions to them with elevated considerations but.

Guarantee of putting at the disposal of the services

If D-PadNetwork did not provide service within the date anticipated for the make available without demonstrating that the cause of the delay escapes to its control, the client will have right to demand a compensation by delay in the delivery, as she details herself:

Días Laborables of delay

Of 1 to 5 days

Of 6 to 10 days

More than 11 days

Compensation as Dto. on monthly payment




Guarantee of provision of electrical subminister

D-PadNetwork guarantees the 100% permanent provision of feeding AC to the dedicated servers and teams of the client. If the monthly availability were reduced to the numbers that are detailed next, the client would have right to demand a compensation at the end of the month of the total of the affected services. This guarantee does not cover interruptions due a: Circuits or equipment of the client, Failures in the Hardware of the equipment, Acts and omissions of the client or Causes of greater force.

Electrical Subminister below the objective

From 0.5 to 1 hours

Of 1 to 1.5 hours

Superior to 1.5 hours

Compensation as Dto. on monthly payment




Spare part guarantee of hardware

By defect, a service of spare part is had hardware inferior to 6 hours, both tensile ones under demand of the client, according to the following table:

Reset times of hardware

Superior to 6 hours

Compensation as Dto. on monthly payment of the affected service


Guarantee of Availability of network

D-PadNetwork guarantees an availability of the services of monthly at least 99.5%. These guarantees do not cover interruptions due a:

1- Programmed maintenances. D-PadNetwork, in the measurement of the possible one will in advance notify to the Client all the measures that need a planned time of inactivity and will put all their persistence in reducing any annoyance to the Client.

2- Spare parts of hardware. If D-PadNetwork did not manage to reach the previous objectives, the client will be able to demand a compensation according to details himself:

Availability %

Disp. < 99,5%

Disp. < 99,0%

Disp. < 95,0%

Compensation as Dto. on monthly payment of the affected service




The times of nonavailability of the different services will be by each contracted service.

Down time is not considered that one due to problems derived from an evil use of the network, or a bad configuration of the network on the part of the Client. The client has to hereby ask for in writing the return of the amount guarantee, being indicated the day in that the cut has taken place, and the time approximated of cuts. The amount of the return will be added on credit in the account of the client, and will be deduced of the following invoice by the service.

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