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Precise of a Cloud Hybrid Hosting to make agile the resources which it has its business?

In D-PadNetwork we counted on diverse models of Cloud Computing so that it chooses that one that better is adapted to the needs of its company.

It bets by his business, dótele of the maximum capacity and will notice the difference

There are three pricipales models of Cloud Computing:

  1. Public Cloud
  2. The client subcontracts the resources and the supplier is the person in charge of the maintenance and management of the infrastructure.

  3. Private Cloud
  4. With this modality of Cloud Computing, the client manages and operates in exclusive feature his own infrastructure and its resources.

    €œSubcontracted€, in which the client has his infrastructure in the facilities of the supplier.
  5. Hybrid Cloud
  6. As it is intuited, the client manages and operates in exclusive feature his infrastructure, but she has access to the resources of the Public Cloud that manages the Supplier in its facilities.

Public Cloud

Total flexibility, security and saving in its infrastructure. This type of Cloud Computing does not require of investments, is burglaryable at any time and without limits of resources or availability. Ideal for variable requirements or of certain duration.

Private Cloud

With this model of Cloud you will be able to isolate his own cloud of the rest, being obtained exclusive feature in his assigned resources. Principles guarantees of security and confidentiality in its information systems.

Hybrid Cloud

The advantages of both models: It has all the exclusive feature of his own infrastructure, being able to extend resources obtaining them of the public cloud at any time, also as a extension and progressive adaptation of his Cloud architecture.

Modelo Cloud Hybrid Hosting:

As much Deprived Cloud as Public Cloud, in Datacenter of the Supplier.

It can have his own infrastructure in datacenter of the supplier, or subcontracting it, which makes disappear the necessity of initial investment. In front of other options of Cloud Computing, the Cloud Hybrid Hosting allows to reduce costs to the model of payment by use; and to climb of fast and flexible form and without extra investment.

Cloud Subcontracted Hybrid Hosting

Tell us what needs and we will orient to him in the solution Cloud perfect Hosting for you.

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