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Plans of Hosting Web Multidominio

Plans XL Multidominio are advanced plans of lodging shared Web, ideals to lodge multiple websites under a single panel of management. Comparativily the prices are very competitive and by all means we offer the best quality on watch. They are the previous plans to the lodging in Servers in Cloud and dedicated Servidores.

Up to 2 months free

We gave 2 months free to him more if contract his plan annually.

Characteristics of plans XL Multidominio

XL 10 XL 20
Domains 10 20
Disc space

10 GB

20 GB

Transference Month

100 GB

200 GB

Accounts mail 100 200
Data bases Limitless Limitless
Programming PHP 5/7, ASP* PHP 5/7, ASP*
Control Panel Plesk Plesk
Antispam and Antivirus
Monthly price 24 ‚¬ 45 ‚¬
Quarterly price 70 ‚¬ 120 ‚¬
Semester price 132 ‚¬ 247 ‚¬
Annual price 240 ‚¬ 450 ‚¬
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