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Severity of the Tickets

Next severity level of for the different types from incidences are detailed to the urgency and that can be gotten to produce and thus to specify the action protocol that we will follow in D-PadNetwork.

   Level of Severity 1 (Urgent)
  • Some managed service fundamental (Web, mail, DNS, basic servant of data, etc) does not work and produces errors

  • Note: The problem affects to a significant digit of end users. There is available no solution or no immediate solution. Once he is available some solution, the incidence becomes Severity 3 (Normal).
  •     Level of Severity 2 (High)
  • Some managed service is not working for a remarkable number of accounts.

  • The Control Panel is inaccessible, the managed services nevertheless, are not himself affected.

  • The client cannot absolutely use a function of some critical service for the company and the problem affects to a significant digit of users.

  • Significant diminution of the yield of some and Control Panel of the managed services of the client. The problem affects to a significant digit of clients.

  • Note: The incidence must be reproducible at the time of the creation of the ticket, reason why the investigation can be realised immediately after the emission of the same.
  •    Level of Severity 3 (Normal) - Hour Office
  • A client is able to use software; nevertheless, there is a noncritical loss of functionality.

  • A problem affects to some, but not all the users (incapacity to manage a unique account, of domain, data base or account of mail, the supplying of a particular subscription fault, or an order or task is not completed correctly).

  • The functionality of some of the managed components and/or services is damaged, but it allows the users to continue using software.

  • The installation/update, backup/restoration or functionality of migration does not work, or partially or in its totality, administered services and components they are functional.

  • Any action that can realise the user through Control Panel and asks for it by means of ticket
  •    Level of Severity 4 (Low) - Hour Office
  • Small errors or general questions of use.

  • Requests of improvement or recommendations for a future improvement of the service.

  • Erroneous information of documentation.

  • Provision of services.

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