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The datacenter of D-PadNetwork is in center located in a technical building of Barcelona, Spain, and counts on all the availability and safety measures of provisions.


One operates with the main suppliers of connectivity at national and European level. As well, these suppliers have own infrastructures and agreements of peering with main carriers of the world. The equipment of D-PadNetwork estan connected by means of optical fiber. The interconnection in the cities is realised at multiple speeds of STM-1 (155Mbits/s).

Easily expandable to support to forts demands thanks to the fact that the implemented service this on optical fiber. All the nodes of backbone are connected as minimum to other two nodes by means of circuits of different routing. In this way a great flexibility in the network is obtained.

Backbone also extends to the points of interchange of Internet of each country and to the EE.UU., providing progressive connectivity beyond the COLT network.

Main operators of connectivity at Spanish level: ONO, Telefónica, Jazztel and AlPi

Map of Network

Electrical provision

All the lodged Servers receive clean current through SAIs (Systems of Uninterrupted Feeding) superfluous MGE of high capacity. These systems guarantee that any tip in the electric flux or cuts brief in the provision will not affect the servers.

The SAIs are able to provide electrical provision up to 30 minutes with fully factored load; but, during the first minute of electrical failure, the diesel generator set enters operation. Generators diesel industrial PRAMAC, of high performance, are able to provide electrical provision indefinitely, to all the servers, until the provision is recovered.


Personnel on-site 24 hours

That to guarantee this security, aside from the technical personnel.

Closed circuit CCTV

Continuous shooting of the accesses and the tactically important points of our rooms.

Alarm system

Connected to police power station, it allows to give warning, of automatic form or manual, in case of intrusion.

Technical ground

Special to guarantee the protection of the wiring and with leak detection systems of liquids.

Gas extinguishers FE-13

They assure the extinction any possible fire, totally innocuous form for the electronic equipment.

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