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D-PadNetwork.com (Azalorea, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY) is a company of capital 100% Spanish, founded on 2005 and with headquarters on the Barcelona city, Spain. D-PadNetwork.com is specialized so much in services of lodging standard Web as in solutions datacenter for companies and hosters:

Plans of Lodging shared Web
Registry of domains
Cloud Hosting
Dedicated servers
Antispam and Antivirus
Antispam and Antivirus
Consultancy of systems
Administration and monitoring of systems
D-PadNetwork group

The equipment of D-PadNetwork conforms professionals to a experience among 5 and 15 years in the different specialties within the sector from the Technologies of the Information and Communications, as much in great companies as in SMEs.

The bet of D-PadNetwork is the one to only use infrastructures and services of high quality, at the same time as to offer the possible most competitive prices, which we obtained thanks to the optimal use of the last technologies and to the agreements with partners and suppliers of first level. We have own infrastructure, which totally allows us to be flexible and competitive, as much in prices as in quality and amplitude of services.

The philosophy of work in the company is based on:

Only quality.
Always flexible.
There is no small client.
We do not put limits to our clients.
In the company all we are an equipment and all we are companions.
To bet as far as possible by the national economic surroundings.
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