Servers cloud in Spain

Cloud Hosting, discovers all the advantages to have its own infrastructure based on technology in the cloud, the modality of efficient, flexible, customized, optimized, escalables hosting that allows the access for any company or business to limitless resources, and of costs 100% fit to its needs at every moment.

High availability

Servers of high performance in infrastructure of maximum availability, network and storage/storage.


Storage distributed and resulted, yield improved with breaks SSD to offer the maximum availability.


Platform cloud that allows to personalize the resources adapting to the nececesidades at every moment.

Characteristics of the Cloud service

Distributed and resulted storage
High performance with breaks SSD
Cloud infrastructure of high availability
Isolated independent Kernel/for each virtual machine
It will have access by console to the cases where it cannot accede to his servant of habitual form
Independent access by remote console
Servers in Spain. He improves the positioning SEO and he improves the speed of access
Datacenter in Spain with Spanish IP
Personalizables resources of his cloud
High availability against hardware failures
High availability of Storage and Hipervisor
Installation of ISOs customized

Configuration of its Cloud

We are of the first suppliers in implanting its infrastructures in servers cloud. We can advise to him to implant his architecture Cloud adapted Hosting 100% to his needs Chooses the basic characteristics of hardware of his cloud according to his present needs, since later it will be able to scale his resources quickly simple and.

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