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Remote Backup online and: Tranquillity with all the guarantees

It knows our deprived cloud with which it will be able to manage all archives in the cloud of a comfortable and simple form. In D-PadNetwork we bring a perfect solution to him to store archives in the cloud and thus to save space in its disc.


Its new space in the private and safe cloud with D-PadNetwork.

From now on, D-PadNetwork offers a new and efficient system of unlimited hosting storage in the cloud. In the style of the well-known software €œDropbox€ we will allow him to have his own private cloud where to be able to store his archives of a safe form and that they are always totally available. In addition it will have a backup copy of all the stored archives so that it never loses not one vital file for his business.

It saves space with the Cloud

Azabox cloud

AZABox will allow him to have an absolute synchronization of all archives and thus to have them available in any place, device and moment.

Total synchronization

Azabox synchronization

It saves space of his computer with AZABox. It will have a space of storage in the cloud with total availability and comfort.

It shares his archives

To share Azabox

AZABox will allow him to share its archives or folders with other users of a simple and intuitive form. It shares and it sends his archives with a single click.

Its archives always available with AZABox.

It accedes of simple and effective form to all archives from any place and dispositvo or from a navigating Web, the client for computers or from the client for smartphones and tablets. It manages all archives through a very easy vps hosting with cpanel and intuitive it will be able of simple way to manage all archives is where it is.

AZAbox plans

It discovers the different Plans from AZABox and finds the one that better adapts to the needs of its business. From D-PadNetwork we offer three plans to him where surely it will find his ideal Plan.

BasicBox AdvanceBox EnterpriseBox
Space Disc 50 GB 100 GB 250 GB
Private instances -
Administered and Monitored
Own IP -
Lodged in Spain (LOPD/LSSI)
Resulted storage
Limitless users
Client Cross-platform
Support SSL (¹)
Samba/Unit of Network -
Daily Backup (Optional)
Price 9 ‚¬/mes 25 ‚¬/mes 45 ‚¬/mes
But Info. But Info. But Info.

(¹) autofirmado SSL (Free)/SSL Certificate.

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