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Management of backup copy and storage for companies

It recovers all their information as well as all data of a simple and thought way for you.

Our service of Backup for companies offers backup copies and recovery to him effective, flexible and easy to use to protect its complete infrastructure. With our outpost technology of Backup, we will allow him to realise remote backup copies from where it is and will be able to realise remote recoveries from any place.

Remote Backup online and: Tranquillity with all the guarantees

With only a pair of click, of the hand of the service of backup online of D-PadNetwork it will significantly reduce to the time out of service and the loss of data recovering quickly what needs and when needs it.

Bakup Cloud 25GB 10‚¬/month To contract
Bakup Cloud 50GB 15‚¬/month To contract
Bakup Cloud 100GB 20‚¬/month To contract
Bakup Cloud 200GB 30‚¬/month To contract
Bakup Cloud 500GB 60‚¬/month To contract
Additional device 10‚¬/month To contract

Advantages of the service of backup for companies of D-PadNetwork

Easy Administration from its intuitive Panel Web.
Complete information on all the Backup copies.
Service of selective backup copies, choosing envelope what folders or archives to realise the Backup copy.
System highly Protected and encriptado.
Creation points of restoration of the data in the calendar for one better interpretation.
Remote Backup online with a simple administration of its Backup copies and their Points of restoration.
Rapidity to recover its archives from the Points of Restoration.
Compression outpost of its Backup copies to diminish the disc space.
Vision of the content of the Points of Restoration before executing them.
Fast unloading of its Backup copies and their Points of Restoration.
Copies increase and differentials to them.
Service of backup especially designed for companies.

Maxima security at any moment.

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