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It increases the confidence of his webpage

A certificate is essential if it is dedicated to the electronic commerce and/or it has access to sensible information as account numbers, personal credit cards, data, etc.

It bases his communications and transactions with the certificates Thawte de Verisign, the most recognized internationally and compatible with 99.9% of the navigators.

Certificates SSL
SSL 123 SSL WebServer WebServer with EV WebServer with Wildcard
PVP Compra 70 ‚¬/año 120 ‚¬/año 490 ‚¬/año 550 ‚¬/año
PVP Renovation 70 ‚¬/año 120 ‚¬/año 490 ‚¬/año 550 ‚¬/año
Activation < 1 day 1 - 10 days 1 - 10 days 1 - 10 days
Supported domains 1 1 1 subdom. limitless
Encryption 128-256 bits 128-256 bits 128-256 bits 128-256 bits
Visible in navigator NO NO IF NO
Domain certifies IF IF IF IF
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