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D-PadNetwork offers the most advanced and efficient service to him of Antispam Footbridge. Our cluster of servers antiSpam manages several million post office monthly.

By defect, in D-PadNetwork this service of gratuitous way offers to all our clients of lodging shared Web.


She isn't client of D-PadNetwork? One does not worry, it can as much contract without any kind of problem AntiSpam of exit as of entrance and enjoy all advantages and their reliability to protect of the Spam and the virus.

By means of this service, all the emails is supervised by our footbridge AntiSpam and anti-virus, so that the messages that must, also free of virus only arrive at destiny.

The service of AntiSpam of entrance will provide an excellent protection to him in front of Spam or virus that wants to enter their computer through their email. In addition, the service is updated constantly so that it is working constantly without no kind of problem and you do not have to worry.

Characteristics of incoming the AntiSpam service

  1. The architecture in cluster allows that the load is balanced between numerous servers, so that no incidence causes the loss nor the delay in the delivery of the post office.
  2. When being a Filtered solution + Secondary Relay, if his servant stops responding, the cluster will store the post office until the servant responds again, so that any mail will not be lost.
  3. When having the service of antiSpam in isolate machines and totally protected, does not suppose any type of overload of resources for their servers since it will not have to install any software in his servant.
  4. Thanks to footbridge antiSpam of D-PadNetwork, it can have a limitless number of mailboxes of mail in his domain with respect to other filtrate solutions that tarifican by mailbox.
  5. We constantly update the system of rules and filtrate that allow to detect new variants of Spam messages, avoiding so new the form of shipment the restrictions can be jumped.
  6. With our service of footbridge antiSpam, you do not have to realise any exchange rate in his configurations of mail or their lodging. Our technical ones only must realise a small change in the DNS so that the post office begin to happen through Antispam and all the Spam and virus are blocked.

Why to bet by a service antiSpam?

Salient filtrate the professional solution of SpamExperts is totally independent of the e-mail infrastructure and is compatible with any servant of compatible mail smtp such as: filter of Exchange mail, Zimbra mail, filter of Postfix mail, Exim, Qmail, Lotus and others.

The service of salient AntiSpam will provide a filtrate to him of all the sent mail avoiding the inclusion in black lists of its IP of exit

  1. It avoids to be in a black list

    To strive in clearing its domain of the black lists consumes long time and is a cost for the companies with which they do not have to deal. With Filtro de salient AntiSpam, you do not have to worry at any moment about the reputation of his direction IP.

  2. He assures the name his brand, does not risk his reputation

    Thanks to the service of footbridge antiSpam, D-PadNetwork makes sure that you are part of the solution of security in the mail and part of the problem, not assuring integrity and the positive reputation the clients in the outside world.

  3. It increases the continuity of the mail and gives

    An account jeopardizes or usuary in his network it can destroy the reputation of his direction IP and, jointly, affect the continuity of the mail for all the users of his network. D-PadNetwork will protect the reputation of its network.

  4. It improves the capacity to handle the abuse

    To fall in a black list means time and cost. It is also an annoyance to find and to solve the abusive accounts in its network. With Salient Filtrate service antiSpam, you can obtain clear and concise reports ARF indicating what mail mailboxes require their attention and to block the abusive accounts automatically.

Incoming Antispam tariffs:

Domains Monthly Annual
1 domain 3 ‚¬/mes 30 ‚¬/año
5 domains 15 ‚¬/mes 150 ‚¬/año
10 domains 25 ‚¬/mes 250 ‚¬/año
25 domains 50 ‚¬/mes 500 ‚¬/año
50 domains 75 ‚¬/mes 750 ‚¬/año
More than 50 To consult
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