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AZAMonitor consists of a series of active services of monitoring that detect any incidence happened in their systems, which are verified every few minutes from the networks of D-PadNetwork.

Went ahead to the reactions of his clients or collaborator when they detect incidences in the systems contracted with you or his company.

He can have this service although you do not lodge your servers or applications with D-PadNetwork.

Monitoring Systems

In case of failure in its systems, D-PadNetwork will notify to him immediately so that it can solve the incidence or delegate the task in us. The notification could be via email, SMS or telephone route.

You or your company are those that they establish:

The services/ports to monitor.
The regularity of the monitoring.
The communication channels of incidences.

To who goes destined:

Proprietors of Services Web. One weighs instability or fall of its service can bring about a deterioration of its image and the loss of present and potential clients.

Suppliers of Lodging Web:

One of the characteristics more appreciated by the clients of Suppliers of Lodging is its €œUptime€, the indicative parameter of the accessibility of this particular supplier to its servers. In this case, our service can be very useful for the independent verification and the analysis of the accessibility of its site.

Advantages of the service:

- To reduce €œdowntime€, reacting with more speed against problems with its servant

- You will not have to manage his own system of monitoring since D-PadNetwork is in charge of it.

Basic monitoring:

It consists of the monitoring every 5 minutes of or several ports indicated by the client. In case the equipment does not respond notificaró immediately to the client via e-mail and/or SMS.

Monitoring via E-mail:

1 Puerto 10 ‚¬/mes
5 Ports 45 ‚¬/mes
Ports 5 Ports
50 SMS 10 ‚¬/mes

Monitoring Outpost:

It consists of the monitoring of services/applications (Consultations to data bases, to authenticate itself in webpages, etc). The monitoring of the service is subject to the availability of modules. In case there was not a module to estóndar to monitor, D-PadNetwork could offer necessary the specific development to him.

In case of failure on watch, the client will be notified by means of email, SMS or including by means of telephone call.

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